1. And now for something completely different

    So, yeah. We made some pretty massive changes to Gimme Bar today. You might not even recognize the site anymore. In fact, so many things have changed that I think you all could use a summary to get your bearings again.

    Personal Utility

    We’ve always thought of Gimme Bar as a personal utility and not a sharing community, but our alpha app implied the opposite. We’ve made some drastic changes to refocus our vision and get us back on track.

    1. The friend feed and people pages are gone. This means it’s going to be a tough few weeks for you alpha users. That said, we aren’t going to leave you hanging in terms of discovery. We’ve got some much better ideas about how to help you find new things to add to your Library.
    2. There are no longer public / private bins in the bar. Everything defaults to private. You can later make that thing public / share it with a shorturl, but only after you added it to your private Library.


    In this release we have also added “collections” to the Library page. Collections allow you to organize the content in your Library into logical and useful groups. Put all your inspiration in one collection, all your favorite recipes in another, albums you want to listen to in another, and anything else you can imagine. We think collections are going to be a hugely important part of making Gimme Bar awesome. We’ll be working on ways to help you build them easily and share them.

    Visual Design

    You’d be hard-pressed to miss the massive visual overhaul of the site. Bedrich has been working hard to help us create a visual design language that is all our own and I think he’s done a fantastic job. 

    Under the Hood

    We’ve made some less obvious changes to our inner workings as well. The biggest of which is that we switched to Mongo from Couch. I believe Sean will be writing a post about that fairly soon. We’ve also started to role out better internal processes so that we can move steadily along our product road map and get you kind folks new features in a timely, reliable manner.


    Think of this release as a foundation release. It lays the groundwork for the product that is in our heads. It’s missing some key features, but it’s on the right path. We believe that very soon, Gimme Bar will be an indispensable app.