1. Day Three

    Day three. The midway point. Also known as the day on which we release our favorite feature: Backups. We know that when most of you think of backing things up you think of the dance floor so let’s take a second and break down what backups mean in Gimme Bar land. 

    We think of Gimme Bar as more of a data steward than a bookmarking service. We figure that if we want to help you do the most interesting things possible with content, we can’t just stop at the cool stuff you are finding around the web. We need to help you save the content you are creating and liking on your favorite services. These services have wonderful communities and are a delight to use, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be here forever. Apps (even good ones) come and go, but people are here to stay. You shouldn’t lose your stuff just because you leave a service or it shuts down.

    The initial fantastic four for backups are:

    Setting up backups is quick and easy. Once you’re done, anything that you create or favorite/like on these services will be automatically backed up into their own private Gimme Bar collections (For your eyes only unless you decide to share).

    Like the other features this week, we’re just getting started with lots more services planned for next. We hope to create a place where all the stuff you make and love will be at your fingertips if / when you need it.

    Meerkats & Pandas,

    Team Gimme Bar