1. This Week in Gimme Bar - February 11, 2013

    Hey everyone, it’s Andreas here. This week, it’s all about Super Bowl commercials, colors, landscapes, dapper gents, and happy sheep. Sound good? Ok, let’s get started:

    1. Just like last year, niklausgerber did us a big favor and collected all the Super Bowl Commercials. So, if you missed them last Sunday, now’s your chance to catch up.

    2. hollyoxen has put together a fascinating collection of pictures, illustrations, and videos that tell the story of how powerful colors are. Here’s a little peak into it, but make sure to check out the whole collection:

    3. Want to George Clooney it up? There’s a collection for that. It’s called The Dapper Gent and it’s by sir nicky. We can’t wait to see what he adds next.

    4. Landscapes is a collection by kopfkram that will take you on a trip to see some amazing scenes around the world. Here’s a few that we like, but check out full collection. Flight expences: $ 0.

    5. Happy Sheep is a smile-inducing resource by katiestardust. Just take a look at these guys:

    Best wishes from the cold, cold north,

    Team Gimme Bar

  2. This Week in Gimme Bar - August 21, 2012

    Hey everybody, Ryan here, with some fresh collections for your amazement. This week we have a mix of the enlightening and the delightfully ridiculous for you to peruse and add to your collections or inspire an entirely new creation!

    1. lucyboy has compiled a collection of massive products of both Mother Nature and mankind alike to give you A Sense of Scale. This collection should be a humbling experience for anyone looking for some perspective on his or her relative size in the world.

    2. rogie has a good eye for Illustration as he should, considering this collection is filled with a lot of his own awesome work. This collection is definitely worth a look for all of the creative and unusual illustrations within.

    3. This collection from michaelcroxton is a gathering of photos for when things in Nature become art themselves. You won’t want to miss these living paintings.

    4. I always love finding a collection with an unexpected theme and carlyaynes ceramic is exactly that. In this collection you’re sure to find some ceramic inventions you’ve never seen before. Just one question, where do I buy Mr. Tea?

    5. A lot of things wouldn’t get the appreciation they deserve without the internet. dari's Junk is a collection filled with that extra special brand of humor that people from the internet know and love.

    This week I leave you with some coordinated awesomeness from random people in Toddler Leads the Celebration.

    Team Gimme Bar

  3. This Week in Gimme Bar - August 14, 2012

    Hey guys, Ryan here, bringing you five new collections to discover. Take in all of the inspiring goodness for your own collections as you proceed…

    1. joeyciccoline is a cautious man, which is why he has developed a special collection for you to Break in Case of Zombies. Within you will find handpicked resources to help you survive the zombie apocalypse, which we all know is coming any day now.

    2. I like punctualcrusader's taste in spaces. Unique is the word that comes to mind when you click through this collection of spaces re-imagined.

    3. Here are some Inspirational Quotes to enlighten and invigorate you. Simoneramo has compiled a list of quotes that are not only inspiring, but beautifully designed as well.

    4. faroeaikawa realizes that Gaming doesn’t stop when the credits roll. Because, when do we ever really want the game to end?

    5. Finally, we have a collection from a guy with a trustworthy name. Ryan's Type + Lettering collection contains great typography of all mediums. From paper to buildings, type is beautiful on any medium.

    This week I depart with a video of the Strongest Girl In The World Prank. The perfect prank to pull if you’re a Girl Scout.

    Team Gimme Bar

  4. This Week in Gimme Bar - August 7, 2012

    Ryan here, with five new collections packed with interesting and inspirational paintings, sculptures, food, and much more. See for yourself:

    1. oldeenglish has developed Things of Interest for your viewing pleasure. Rather than a specific type of asset you will find humor, amazement, and intrigue within. Explore oldeenglish’s Things of Interest collection, and you’ll catch glimpses of humor, amazement, and intrigue within. It even has my favorite painting.

    2. christowski's Objects is a celebration of the physical. Look through this collection to find all manner of objects from furniture to sculpture. One thing is certain, nothing in this collection qualifies as average.

    3. Characters is a collection from christoffelk filled with photos of famous people on and off set. You will surely find some familiar faces to add to your own collection, I mean, how could you pass this up?

    4. With the 2012 Olympics fresh on our minds, why not check out janelindberg's The Big Picture, 2012 to see some of the best Olympic moments caught on film as well as inspiring photos from all over the world.

    5. dead_arm has created a virtual cookbook with the collection Recipies + Food. I can’t remember if I was hungry before looking at this collection, but I am now.

    I leave you this week with a video of an under-appreciated job: Ball Boy Classic Catch

    Team Gimme Bar

  5. This Week in Gimme Bar - July 24, 2012

    Hi there, it’s Ryan, and I’m back to show you inspiring and amazing collections with This Week in Gimme Bar. Without further ado, let’s get to the good part:

    1. phalen_elonich's collection of Packaging puts the spotlight on design. You’ll find awesome examples of labels, bottles, boxes, and more. Caution: this may change your standards for groceries.

    2. In this collection darrondavis has gathered clever and cool Logos / Icons. This is a great collection to appreciate the art of brand identity.

    3. joelkuehn has his own Style and he wants to share. Gentleman, take notes if you want to look this good.

    4. rodneystrong's collection of Animals contains adorable, weird, and even beautiful moments of our fellow creatures. Try not to get stuck on images like this one:

    5. Check out armstrong's Inspiration collection to see what cures his “creative block”. From books to space, armstrong has built an awesome collection for any visitor.

    This week I leave you with a video proving children are smarter than we think they are in 4 year old does a hidden Camera Prank on her Cranky dad 2011.

    Team Gimme Bar

  6. This Week in Gimme Bar - July 17, 2012

    Ryan here, signing in to bring you the interesting and crazy things our fellow Gimme Bar users have been up to:

    1. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, houstontrueblood would like to remind you that it doesn’t mean you should pass them up. In this Book Covers collection you’ll find books that are as fun to look at as they are to read.

    2. If you’re an outer space fan, I’d like to point you toward jasonhawkins' Science. In this collection you’ll find all sorts of space and science to expand your mind.

    3. pello hand-picks cool vids from around the internet. Check out more like this one:

    4. toodleliu's knit & crochet collection is an assortment of great ideas, even if you don’t know how to knit or crochet. If you enjoy either, then this collection is perfect for you.

    5. federicoweber's Awesome & Noteworthy collection doesn’t disappoint. In this collection you will find a multitude of creative and fun things from art to inventions.

    This week I would like to teach you How to catch a kangaroo.

    Team Gimme Bar

  7. This Week in Gimme Bar - July 10, 2012

    This is Ryan and This Week in Gimme Bar is back with five more exciting collections to check out. This week we go outside the box with photography, weddings, typography and more. Let’s get started.

    1. Although this paul_ngc collection is simply titled photography, it is far from ordinary photography. You won’t believe these photos are real, but I assure you they are.

    2. ahmattox's Aerial Photographyis less photography and more an exhibition of the Earth as a giant painting. Take a look at what Mother Earth does in her spare time:

    3. Check out this great Public Firehose to get to know teigene a bit. Teigene has no other public collections, just one stream of awesomeness. These examples barely scratch the surface:

    4. After seeing the Our Wedding collection I want ghostlyferns to plan my wedding. Just look at this and tell me you don’t agree:

    5. I can appreciate a fellow typography lover, which is why I chose mrqwest's Swirly type collection. This poster will give you an idea of what’s in store:

    This week’s vibes of inspiration were induced from Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal.

    Team Gimme Bar

  8. This Week in Gimme Bar - July 3, 2012

    This is Ryan, bringing you a fresh batch of collections to inspire you. Without further ado, let’s take a look:

    1. Thankfully bmcn is collecting all the best street art he can find on Gimme Bar. In the real world, these works of art won’t be around forever. Check out the collection.

    2. thir13en's Character Design is all about imagination. Looking through this collection makes me want to create some crazy characters of my own.

    3. Pixels are making a comeback as you will see in this collection by kylesacks. I may be experiencing a bit of nostalgic bias due to growing up in the 16-bit age, but how can you argue against the beauty of images like this?

    4. kel's Wanderlust is a collection of beautiful places that I… I mean, she wants to go. I assure you that these captivating paradises exist; the evidence is in the collection.

    5. cheba clearly has a thing for Owls. Check this collection out for all of the cute things, wacky things, and everything-in-between things that owls do.

    This week a leave you with a laugh from this 1996 Snickers Commercial.

    Team Gimme Bar

  9. This Week in Gimme Bar - June 27, 2012

    I’m Ryan and this week’s collections are sure to spark innovative ideas for collections of your own. Let’s take a look:

    1. danburzo has created a series of collections that push the “outside the box” kind of thinking we like to see here. Mixtape: TGIF is one of these mixtape collections that dan has been creating to hold his theme songs. Don’t forget to check out Dan’s profile for more awesome mixtapes.

    2. johnmartz's lists, is a collection filled with collections. Now you can view collections at double capacity, talk about meta.

    3. Do you like to learn, but wish it was more fun? Then jamiemccleave's created just the collection for you. infographic is filled to the brim with beautiful, informative infographics. It’s like getting lost in a good book.

    4. tommyp's Concept art collection is filled with insanely awesome illustrations and designs for movies and games. It’s a must see for any sci-fi enthusiast.

    5. I can always use a good laugh. Now, instead of scouring the internet, I can save some time with npruitt's Funny Internet Stuff collection.

    I leave you with this beautiful, inspiring short, Night Light.

    Team Gimme Bar

  10. This Week in Gimme Bar - June 19, 2012

    Ryan here, and I’ve returned with five more awesome collections to show you for This Week in Gimme Bar. I hope you’re hungry, because we’re beginning:

    1. Here’s a collection that my stomach can appreciate. jenschuetz's Recipes collection is chock full of delicious looking foods of every size, shape, and flavor. Keep these coming, Jen, food has never looked so tasty.

    2. jonobr1 is a single constant stream kind of guy. Check out where his mind is, in his ever expanding Public Firehouse.

    3. samanthatoy's SF Apt Inspiration, is a collection with a purpose. Samantha knows what makes for a good apartment in San Francisco, and after looking through this collection so will you.

    4. andrewjaustin's Film Stills collection is a tribute to the art of cinematography. This collection is an awesome archive of stills that any movie fan could get lost in.

    5. owltastic's Hilarious & Adorable collection is as great a source of entertainment as it is for the word “aww”. Cute and funny collide in this quirky album that is sure to put a smile on your face.

    This week brought to you by Duck Run.

    Team Gimme Bar